Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Margarita.... cupcakes? need some help

So I have a pregnant friend who is very much missing being able to drink margarita's.... There has been a request to make sure to have virgin ones at her baby shower in a few months. :) That should be easy enough to do.

We are having a get together on Sunday though and I've been thinking of maybe making margarita cupcakes... My thought was just to substitute margarita mix for water and make a margarita cream cheese frosting.....

Seems like that won't be much different then the lime cupcakes I made a few months ago though....

Any suggestions on how to make them taste more like a margarita without actually using any alcohol in them??

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I have been beyond awful at blogging the last few months. Truth is I haven't been doing much experimenting in the kitchen. I'm not really living somewhere that makes it easy for me to cook and bake whenever I want to. I have however recently fallen in love with a vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe.

I asked my wonderful twitter buddies for baking suggestions a while back and had a friend suggest a recipe from Veg Web. Happy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies is the recipe she told me about. I for years have used pretty much only one recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and I think I will forever use this one now. :)

I altered it only slightly. For the 1c raw sugar, I used 1/2c white sugar and 1/2c brown sugar and made sure to use vegetable oil instead of canola oil. Also decided to add the cinnamon to them. Turns out that cinnamon is a must when it comes to chocolate chip cookies!! Oh! And I used a little less then a cup of chocolate chips.

Try them out, they rocked!! Logan devoured at least 10 cookies in the couple hours he was here that night and took home almost all the rest of them.


On a slightly different note... I have been inspired by a friend and want to try out vegan caramel.... If anyone has any helpful hints, recipes or anything else that might be helpful in making it please let me know. :)