Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brownies & Black beans?!

For over a year my dear friend Jordan has been telling me that when making boxed brownies the easiest thing to substitute for eggs is.... black beans?! At first I thought he was crazy, but the more I've talked to him about baking and had my hits and misses on experimenting with egg replacements the more I thought he was probably not wrong.... Back in May he was kind enough to make me some amazing vegan brownies using black beans! They were AWESOME!! With that being said.... I've still been a bit hesitant to try it myself for no other reason then, I tend to fail lately at baking in the kitchen.

Today, bored and not having much want to do anything at all, I decided that I would try out this theory of his.... I had a pre-packaged bag of brownie mix that my old roommate left when moving out.... Don't like eggs or have any desire to use them.... Figured I'd try it out....

I pureed the best I could a can of black beans and mixed them in with the rest of the ingredients....

I am a convert........ Black beans will forever be used when making boxed brownies instead of eggs!! Try it out!! It sounds crazy, but really.... you can't even tell they are there!

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  1. Awesome! I've been really wanting to try that. I didn't know you could do it with boxed brownies!