Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lactose Intolerant...

So something I've learned recently.... If you eat pretty much no dairy for 3+ months then decide to randomly eat it again, you get really really sick! If I eat something like cake, or chocolate that has eggs or milk in it I seem to be okay because there isn't a lot in it, but any kind of cheese or ice cream.... in any amounts.... I get sooo soo sick.

Turns out I've made myself lactose intolerant.....

I spent a couple days at my brothers and my sister-in-law made a cheesecake type thing and I knew it would probably make me sick, but didn't want to be rude so decided to try it anyway... Spent all of last night and most of today sick because of it.....

This has been happening for the last couple weeks.... I bought cheese for the first time in a few months.... told my roommate she could have it after the first night I had it home.

I guess now I have an excuse to not eat it other then I choose not to.... My brother really doesn't like this me going veggie thing at all... I'm not sure why, it's not like it affects him in anyway.

Anyway.... That is my news for today...... Once you decide to stop, stick with it, the sickness that comes along after is all kinds of not fun.


  1. That's how I am with meat - That's why I don't eat a lot of it. I'm fine with lunch meat, but if I eat a steak or a chicken breast it does not agree with me. I'll never give up cheese though ;)

  2. Honestly, when I first considered giving up cheese I was worried... I'm Italian... Cheese goes on everything.... But giving it up was easier then I thought, the alternative is expensive though... So I just cut it out and only buy vegan cheese as a treat once in a while. :)

    I didn't know you couldn't eat meat, how long has that been for?

  3. I feel your pain. I nibbled some cheese recently and was sick all night long. I'm definitely lactose intolerant now after not eating it for sooooo long. Doesn't really make me want to try it again anytime soon.