Sunday, March 13, 2011

Amazingly Awesome Vegan Taquitos!!

Okay, so on Monday my friend/coworker Jordan over at Militant Vegan Cooking made some awesome vegan taquitos inspired by my buddy Meagan over at The Snarky Chickpea. I'm not going to lie, Jordan did the majority of the work and made sure to take all the pictures needed and everything for the post. So instead of trying to write a third post, I am just going to post the link to his post about them.

We made them for our coworkers and even the non vegans LOVED them!! They were gone almost instantly. Sooo yummy! And really, to my non vegan friends.. change the ingredients if you'd like to things you have on hand, I'm sure they'll still be good.

So after all of that... Rice and Bean Taquitos Go check them out, because they are the beset taquitos I've ever had!

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