Monday, August 23, 2010


So while I was making a peach-raspberry pie for my friends birthday last night I decided that IF I had the money I think it would be amazing to open a pie shop!! I'd make filling and crust all day long and hire someone else to take care of the making them look pretty part! Its the one thing that I make that ALWAYS turns out no matter what kind or when I experiment and make some random flavor I've never tried before. If I ever thought I had a calling in life, pie maker would be it! ;)

With that being said... I decided that it would be fun to enter a pie in to the state fair this year. I was looking at the website today and the only way for me to enter a pie is to enter the Karo syrup contest that Karo brand is putting on. The only requirement... I use Karo syrup in it... I make a point to not use it in anything for no other reason then.... it is MESSY!! I'd also have to type up a recipe for it to submit with it... I've never measured anything when it comes to my pies, so that I'll have to work on too.... I'll have to do some experimenting with things some time in the next few weeks if I decide I still want to make one.

There is also another option of canning pie filling and entering just that in. I think it was an option under the canning category. Or possibly skipping the pie part altogether and entering something else... I was thinking maybe entering the Ghirardelli contest. The only requirement is that it use some form of Ghirardelli chocolate! Easy! I have an incredible banana bread recipe and I love putting chocolate chips in it. Sounds gross, but it's actually quite good! So who knows what my final decision will be.... Either way I'm hoping to do some amazing baking in the next month or so! :D


  1. You should move down here. I'd open a shop with you!

  2. Now I'm tempted to Make you move here. muuhwaahahah.

  3. HAHA. You know how blogger always makes you type in jibberish before you can post your comment? Well my last word was brothel. Just made me laugh. Really hard. LOL

  4. LOL that is pretty funny! I Love the random words it gives you. :)

    Also... I don't know how well a pie shop in Cedar City would do, especially with my name...

  5. No, I guess you don't. ;) Either way I don't know what the market would be for a pie shop in southern Utah.