Friday, August 27, 2010

Recipes I plan on posting soon....

I have a few recipes I'd like to post soon, but don't have time right now so I'm hoping if I post this that will make me get my butt in gear and post them when I get the chance.

I'm going to post my grandma's amazing recipe for banana bread! I've been so spoiled with this recipe that I've never found any other banana bread I actually like! This recipe really is truly amazing!

Killer cookies will soon follow the banana bread. It is basically a high tech chocolate chip cookie that makes like a million cookies and they are sooo good and there are so many options with things you can put in them!

Black bottom banana cheesecake is something I tried making a few weeks ago that ended up being a huge hit and should be shared also some banana oat muffins with honey that I made... I was on a bit of a banana kick for a while. Can you tell? ;)

I've also been considering posting random dinner recipes on here, but not complicated ones. Ones that are quick and easy for when you don't have a lot of time to cook... Kind of 'cheater' dinners... Thoughts on this??

Also... A friend of mine shared this blog with me, it makes me smile every time I see it, she's got some great fun ideas!! You should check it out!

From her blog, some amazing stuffed oreo cupcakes that look like a must try! I was thinking of making them for my nieces 2nd birthday in a couple weeks... I'm sure the parents would love their little ones eating such a gooey mess!! ;)


  1. LOVE the picky-palate. Her recipes were the first things I got Chris to eat! (real things anyway, He only used to eat only corndogs)

  2. lol I haven't had time to go through a lot of their back stuff but I love what I've seen on there so far!

    Also... is he a picky eater? Or just lazy and really loved corn dogs?