Monday, April 5, 2010


I am noticing that even thought I only did the vegan thing for 20 days my body still isn't liking me eating foods that used to be 'normal' for me. I have been getting horrid cramps after I eat, and I imagine it is because my body isn't used to it... I have been trying to stick with mostly healthy food, but have fallen a time or two from that, and those are the times it seems to be worse... It makes me think that maybe this vegan thing wasn't such a bad idea after all... Starting it up again isn't something I plan on doing right away, but I really do think I might need to cut meat out completely. There are only a select few of my favorite dishes that I feel it is required and well... There is always a way around it.

I made some wonderful blueberry waffles yesterday, and I think I want to make some again soon, minus the eggs to see how I feel about them. I really am very turned off of eggs in any form at the moment after the egg I saw while cooking yesterday...

I'm in need of good things to use as a replacement when baking... Is the egg replacer powder stuff the best way to go about it? A friend of mine told me to use cornstarch and water (1tbs cold water & 1tbs cornstarch mixed together = 1 egg), and as it has worked well, I don't think it is the best idea to use all the time.... Thoughts opinions??


  1. At either Smiths or Whole Foods, you can buy a product called Ener-G Egg Replacer, which is a white powder in a box. It's made from potato starch, tapioca flour, & a few other things. It can replace eggs in just about everything and is really easy to use. Also, it's cheap and lasts for ages, since you just use a spoonful or two for an "egg." I use it in most of my baking.

  2. Thanks!! Someone had told me about it but they said you can only get it at Harmons or something and I don't have one any where near me, but I can do Smith's and Whole Foods! Will check it out!!