Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pink Lasagna

I was sitting at my roommates parents house last night doing my taxes and listening to my roommate and her mom go through a cookbook talking about things they thought sounded good, things that were gross, and others that were just really interesting. At some point I heard the word Lasagna mentioned, it took me about 20 minutes for that to register in my brain since I was concentrating pretty hard on getting my taxes finished. I have made lasagna only one way for as long as I can remember, the only thing differing is the small changes I would make to my sauce when I made it. I for some reason got the urge last night to want to make one with a white sauce instead. The only one I've ever had was one an old neighbor made us years and years ago with green beans. It was amazing! I had a happy accident in the kitchen a few months ago and have started making a pink alfredo sauce... I mentioned it to my roommate and I think we are going to try it out this weekend. It won't be vegan friendly, but it will be vegetarian friendly. At least part of it..... my roommate still has issues with the no meat thing, so I think it will probably end up being half and half... I'm pretty excited for it! Will post pictures after I make it.

Finsihed product! I made a pink alfredo... I made a regular alfredo sauce and added canned tomatoes, and some onions and mushrooms that I had sauteed. It smells really good, but it is 3am so I won't be trying it until tomorrow afternoon. I hope it is at good as it looks!

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