Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chistery's!! (drink recipe!)

Okay so tomorrow or I guess later tonight is my annual holiday party with my friends. Last year we started a tradition of doing a spin on a white elephant party.

Tonight I am starting all the baking for our party and the treats I plan on bringing to work. Last night I made the vegan pumpkin pie, it is amazing! So much better then the recipe I usually follow on the can! Even my roommate who seems to think EVERYTHING should have meat in it agreed.

I had a friend I really wanted to come tonight, but she was a little hesitant because her husband will be at work. So I bribed her into coming by promising her our favorite alcoholic beverage! We've been saying for months we needed to get together just to have an excuse to make them, but just haven't had time. Well tomorrow is the perfect excuse!

So I don't have a recipe, just a list of ingredients that go in it, you can add things to your liking.

Margarita mix
Vanilla bean ice cream
Mike's hard raspberry lemonaid

You blend together everything but the mike's hard until it is kind of like a shake. Will probably have a few ice chunks, that's okay!!

After you pour it into a glass pour some of the Mike's hard over it and drink.

This is something a couple of my friends and I created while watching the Dark Side of Oz... What is the Dark Side of Oz you ask?

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon dubed over The Wizard of OZ. Here is a link to a video if you don't believe me...

We were watching it one night while making these drinks and decided to name them Chistery's after one of the evil monkey's in the Wizard of Oz movie! :)

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