Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Epic failure and a blog I LOVE!!

So last night I stayed up all night to finish some baking so that I could bring treats to my coworkers today. I have been making an honest effort to try and veganize my holiday treats and a lot of my favorite recipes.

Well last night I tried to veganize my recipe for butterscotch blondies... What an EPIC failure that turned out to be! The batter tasted really good. It has been a while since I've made them so I wasn't quite sure of what the consistency was supposed to be but it seemed okay. Well I couldn't find my 9x13 pan (my roommate hid it by accident) so I decided I would just pour it into my cupcake pans and make little individual ones instead...

I put them in the oven and set a halfway done timer. Well when I went and checked on them I was shocked at what I saw! The outer edges were crispy and the centers were boiling... Not at all how it should be cooking! I for some odd reason decided I'd leave them in longer and check to see if maybe they'd improve if they just cooked some more.

Wrong! So I took them out and now my poor cupcake pans are possibly ruined! The edges are so crispy I can't pry it away from the pan and the centers are so gooey that even once I scoop out what I can there is tons stuck to the bottom and sides....

You really can't tell how awful it is by this picture. I've got them soaking in my kitchen sink now in some warm soapy water hoping that if they soak and soften I can get it all out without ruining my pans. *fingers crossed!*

On to another topic! I have recently made a new friend on twitter, her name is also Meagan spelled with the extra A.(very rare, we were definitely meant to be friends!) :) She's a friend of my friend Jordan which is how we came to follow each other online. Anyway... She has one of my favorite vegan blogs!!

Meg's Cooking Addiction

Most vegan blogs are a little scary if you are new to the world of vegans. To someone like me who is unsure and just trying to learn the basics they can be terrify with all these fancy ingredients that are somewhat hard to find or foods you've never dreamed of combining.

Meg's blog is great! It is all food you'd eat anyway, simple recipes with things you can find at your local grocery store. :) I urge even my non vegan friends to look at her yummy recipes!!

Meg's Cooking Addiction

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