Saturday, March 13, 2010


So it has been decided that I need to start eating better, and by better I mean I've hardly eaten anything all week and most of it has been some form of grain... Not good! Jordan has been encouraging to make smoothies, so tomorrow for lunch that is the plan! I have a ton of frozen fruit and lots of juice and stuff I can use!

My roommate told me tonight if I don't start eating she is going to make me stop this 40 day trial... So in an effort to make sure this works I am going to try and make a better effort to make sure I am eating, and not just anything, but eating well. I went grocery shopping again tonight and bought stuff to make some spicy fajita's and some guacamole, so that should good for dinner tomorrow and lunch for a few days.

I was talking to a long time customer the other day at work and it got me thinking about what I am doing with this 40 day vegan thing.

My work schedule has made it so my sleeping and eating schedules are a mess. On the nights that I close I don't get home until anywhere from 12:30am and 2:00a depending on the night. I'm also not allowed to clock out for a break or leave the store while I am working because I am a manager and I can't leave the CSR's in the store by themselves. Makes it hard to get to bed at a decent hour and hard to make sure I'm eating when I should be if I forget to bring something with me.

So in an effort to do this thing right I am going to try and do a total revamp of things... I need to fix my sleep schedule... Staying up hours past when I feel tired doing nothing productive is pointless and unhealthy... So

rule #1, if I'm tired I need to go to bed.
Rule #2, no sleeping until the middle of the afternoon unless I'm genuinely sick. I stay up all night and sleep all day and get absolutely nothing done during the day.
Rule #3, no more wasting so much time doing mind numbing things like staring at the TV watching movies or spending countless hours on my computer not doing anything to better myself. Just because I get free movie rentals at work doesn't mean I need to spend all of my time watching movies, which brings me to...
Rule #4, I need to read more! I own so many books that I have never read, and a bunch more that I have and love and wouldn't mind reading again.
Rule #5, I need to make a point to plan out my meals at least a little bit... Maybe make some kind of schedule? I'm not quite sure yet how to fix my eating habits... Suggestions are welcome...

Tomorrow I am getting up bright and early to get ready for the St.Patrick's day parade. I work 5p-1:30a so its going to be a long day... Happy thoughts everything goes well!


  1. I like your rule list. I could follow that one myself! Make a list of things you normally ate. I'll try to help veganize them for you! Anything! Try me!

  2. I posted a better version of them on my other blog... We will see how it goes!! :)

    Thank you again for all your help!