Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 3...

So last night after I posted I had some crackers with the vegan cream cheese... not so sure how the cream cheese was, I couldn't really taste it with the crackers I bought... The crackers were pretty nasty though, but thats not a vegan thing it was just some gross flavored crackers. I was still needing to find something to eat though since I hadn't eaten dinner yet. I decided to make a BLT, minus the 'B' of course! ;) I used the veganaise on it and it was so good! I was really surprised. I figured since I was on a roll of trying new things I would try the vegan cheddar cheese that I bought for the peppers I made... I made the mistake of smelling it first and had a little tiny sliver of it... Soo not something I want to try again... I have a habit of smelling everything I eat or drink before I try it and well, maybe it would be better if I didn't smell it first...

So I made some stuffed peppers today, I think they turned out pretty good! I made one with just spanish rice in it and real cheese on top for my roommate, because well... she is a bit scared of all this stuff, and honestly I don't blame her. I chopped up some mushrooms and onions and and sauteed them in some olive oil with some salt and pepper and mixed that with the rice for two of them and then for the third one I added some boca burger stuff to it. I even tried some of the vegan sour cream with it on the side... not to bad. I decided that maybe I should give that cheese another try so I put some on top of a couple of them but haven't tried it yet.

Maybe it is because I know it isn't cheese, or the fact that its rubbery feeling or that it didn't really melt in the oven even though it said it would... I'm not sure, but I guess this whole thing is about trying new things so I really do need to give it another chance.

Oh! So one of my coworkers has been vegan for a really long time and has been helpful in letting me know about where to find things and what ingredients to look for that I wouldn't normally care was in something so that I know I shouldn't have it... Anyway he gave me this website http://www.greenbeeproduce.com . Its pretty cool, you order a box of fresh produce on Monday and on Saturday morning you go pick it up. There are a bunch of different pick up points, you can just choose the one closest to you. My roommate and I decided to give it a try and ordered 2 different boxes last night, one with just a bunch of fruits and vegetables in it and one is a salsa box to make your own salsa. I'm excited to go pick it up on Saturday! Being as picky as I am with fruits and veggies I'm not so sure how it will work out but I figure if I don't eat it my roommate probably will.

That is all for today...

Here is a picture of the peppers I made.


  1. Okay so apparently I don't know how to post a link that works, but it is the right website...

  2. 3 days... you've now made it about twice as long as I've ever made it without meat :p

  3. lol I've gone way longer then 3 days without meat... The no meat thing isn't the issue I'm having..