Monday, March 8, 2010

Vegan Day 1...

I didn't really plan this vegan diet well... I have just some basics to hold me over until I get paid on Friday and will have more money to spend at the store on food. I had a boca burger today for lunch and a Jamba Juice while I was at work and a PB&J sandwich when I came home from work tonight.

Nothing terribly exciting and all things I would normally eat...In all honesty I probably will be eating a lot of similar things for the rest of the week, but plan on finding some recipes this week and start making some more substantial meals.

I think that this is going to also help with my extra spending at work.... Its easy to just grab some candy and snack on it if I forgot to bring dinner to work. I know that eating most candy is still an option but I am choosing to cut it all out while I am doing this.... Lets see how it goes!

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