Friday, March 19, 2010

I heart smoothies! (updated)

Smoothies are amazing!! I'm glad I finally got around to making one! They need to become a regular thing!

Still not feeling great... I feel fine as long as I'm not talking or moving, but as soon as I get up to do something or start talking with my roommate I feel like crap again... Oh what fun! Glad I am off most of tomorrow too, I just have a work meeting at 1am that I am really not looking forward to knowing I have to work a double on Sunday.... Calling out of sick was needed today though, I don't think I would have been okay to go in to work today. Weird feeling to in sick to work, it isn't something I have done in over three years!!

If I'm feeling up to it, I plan on making either some form of stir fry or maybe fried rice... We'll see...............


I'm getting my produce box tomorrow!! I'm so excited! Should make for some interesting meals the next week or so! My roommate is picking it up in the morning on her way to work, so I won't see the box until later in the afternoon, but am sure it will be wonderful. :)

Its 12:30a and I just finally started feeling a bit better about an hour ago. I had been talking to my mom and she mentioned that maybe I should take some IBprofen to help with the swollen gland, so I took that and some tylenol as well. Its amazing how much it helped! Hoping I'm still feeling alright when I wake up tomorrow. Work meeting tomorrow at 1am, I'm DREADING it... Who schedules a meeting that late at night??? I don't think I will be home until after 2am.... Then work Sunday morning, should be an interesting few days....

Got some food ideas for tomorrow nights dinner. My mom gave me some stir fry tips... Not sure how it will turn out, but super excited to try it.

I think as much as I've had a hard time with the food I've been trying to cook, I have at least had a great time experiencing all these new things. It has forced me out of my little bubble of things I ate on a regular basis, and dinners I enjoyed making. I'm finding new things I seem to love and learning how to adapt some of the old recipes... Don't get me wrong, I've cooked plenty of bad things the last couple weeks, but it is all part of the learning experience.

Okay, I'm sick and I should be in bed, not up typing, so Off I go!

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