Monday, March 8, 2010

Vegan Day 2...

Today I went shopping for some vegan food.... Things I never thought I would try, but here I am..... Try something new every day, right?

I bought vegan mayo that actually smells better then real mayo... I'm excited to try it on a sandwich! I also bought two kinds of vegan cheese! I find it hilarious that a selling point on the package is that it melts! I should take a picture! I bought some soy milk... something that I get in Jamba Juice when I go there but one of those things I have never tried on its own even though I grew up with it in my house... What else... vegan friendly cream cheese and vegan friendly sour cream...

I was going to make stuffed peppers tonight but its already 10:30pm so I'm not sure yet if I will still. I'm not to concerned about them turning out okay because they aren't much different then how I would normally make them... Its the cheese to go on top that I am curious to try!

I also bought some stuff to make vegan alfredo... To be honest, I am a little afraid of how it will turn out, but I looked up some stuff online earlier and well I'm hoping it will work out.

Okay... That is all for tonight!


  1. What type of mayo did you get? Vegenaise is the best! My parents like it better than regular mayo. Best cheese I've tried is Follow Your Heart cheese. I have heard Daiya is better (that's what the pie is getting) but it isn't for sell comercially yet. Be careful with the cheeses. They'll put casein in some to make them melt (which is a milk derivative) just letting you know. :) need any help let me know!

  2. I did get Vegenaise and I noticed the casein in some of it. I got some Follow Your Heart cheese. I want to try some pizza at the Pie this weekend! You work on Saturday night, right? Maybe we can get some?

  3. I got online and looked up a bunch of stuff online earlier today before I went shopping...